Online Consultation / Goal Programming

How it works


1 x 30min consultation followed by 3 x 15-20min weekly check-ins

£60 p/m

Keeping you focused, motivated, and heading to your goals

1. Book a slot in the calendar to meet me online for a 30 min consultation. Bring your diary so we can arrange our weekly 15-20 minute accountabilty catch ups!

2. Wait 24rs for me to design your workouts and weekly training plan

3. Train well, eat well and monitor your results

4. Meet me online once a week for 15-20mins from then on to make sure we are on track


This can be a great way to kickstart your health and fitness with a new training plan designed specifically for you. Re-set your mind and feel motivated to do what you need to do with your workouts and diet.

To give you a heads up, here are a few things I will be asking:

  • What your current training rouine is (if any).

  • Are you following a diet plan, what is it? If any, which part of your diet is letting you down.

  • What kit do you have available to train with? Where do you train - gym, home, park etc

  • Do you have any injuries/health conditions?

  • I may ask to look at your form for a few exercises so although we won't be having a workout it might be worth wearing appropriate clothing.

  • Realistically how much time a week can you put aside to train? 

Your programme

Once we've had our consultation I'll send you your programme within 24hrs:

  • It will shock your body to kickstart your fat-burning/muscle gain/running speeds/general health and fitness etc

  • Provide ways to monitor your progress, so to confirm you are heading in the right direction

  • Provide a clear understanding on where your diet needs to change and tools to make these changes manageable.

  • A weekly plan and individual workouts totally personal to you with the focus on reaching your goals fast.

Want to know anymore? Drop me a line....

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