What to expect

I am probably not your stereotypical personal trainer, I won't be barking orders at you through the hour long sessions (unless you want me to!), but I will be there guiding you, confident in the fact that you are doing the right programme for your goals.

The sessions and the programmes that I set you will be challenging to make them very worth while but within your capabilities.

Most importantly, I believe you are looking for a PT because you are determined to get to your goals as soon as possible in the most effective and lasting way. Commitment and determination is all you need for success whilst I support and motivate you.

As you will know, enjoyment is key to maintaining something over a long period of time and I will do my best to make you enjoy your new weekly routines as much as I enjoy training you.

Monitoring your progress

Depending on your goals I use a variety of fitness tests and health assessments to make sure you are on track. We would usually do these straight away so we can clearly measure your progress.

These are particularly useful if you are looking to lose body fat.

The tests include:

  • Calliper body fat testing - back arms and belly

  • Tape measurements

  • Lung Function

  • Heart Rate recovery

  • Strength tests

  • VO2 max bleep test

  • Core strength

Some of these tests aren't for everyone. We can discuss the right tests for you in the consultation.

Whichever way we decide to monitor you, it will help us if we need to tweak and adapt your programme so you are continuously improving.


I have a fully equipped home studio in Moortown but I can also do home visits if that suits you better.

As I said before, all you need is commitment to your goals and determination to get there (and a great trainer!)


I bring all the kit to you. My training often involves:

  • Dumbbells

  • Barbells

  • Kettlebells

  • TRX

  • Jab and punch pads

  • Your body weight!

I have loads of other kit that can all be used for the perfect workout without the need for a lot of room.

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